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A West Virginia (WV) toxic tort claim can be the most complicated and potentially expensive type of lawsuit your company may face. If you have been named as a party in a toxic tort case, you can count on the responsive and professional team at Varner & Van Volkenburg, PLLC for exceptional WV defense of these types of claims.

Led by experienced defense attorneys Debra T. Varner, Jeff Van Volkenburg, and Jim A. Varner, Sr., we understand that toxic tort claims, such as alleged asbestos exposure injuries and water contamination claims, can place companies and their insurers in situations that can threaten their very existence and financial viability. Our experience effectively handling a wide range of environmental claims in WV means you’ll be in good hands.

Our WV Toxic Tort Defense Advantage

Due to the unique challenges presented in WV toxic tort defense cases, a qualified attorney must have extensive knowledge of the West Virginia Code, specifically Chapter 22 on Environmental Resources, along with state and federal regulations. These cases often involve multiple plaintiffs, known as mass tort or class action cases, and can involve several defendants and complex issues. The best defense starts with a thorough case assessment to determine each complicating factor including and contributing fault of co-defendants, insurance-related issues, and the strength or weakness of the plaintiff’s claims.

Our Clarksburg-based toxic tort lawyers have extensive experience defending environmental liability claims in WV including mass tort and class action claims and toxic tort matters in both federal courts and West Virginia trial and appellate courts. We have successfully resolved toxic tort cases through negotiation, arbitration, or an aggressive defense strategy at trial while avoiding unnecessary costs through careful litigation management strategies.

Typical Clarksburg WV Environmental Liability Claims

Some of the most common toxic tort cases are asbestos-related exposure claims in which the plaintiffs allege they were exposed to the mineral asbestos. Common injuries alleged from this exposure include asbestosis, mesothelioma, cancer, or other lung-related injuries. These cases can be difficult to prove and defend because the medical condition may not occur for many years, or decades, after asbestos exposure.

We also represent large natural gas and oil companies, the types of businesses that are often blamed for producing air pollution and potentially toxic gases during resource extraction. We have also defended coal companies accused of causing pneumoconiosis, a condition caused by breathing coal dust particles. Sometimes called black lung disease or miner’s lung, this ailment can cause significant and lasting lung damage. Defending these types of claims requires an understanding of the administrative law and pertinent regulations.

Customized Clarksburg WV Environmental Liability Claims Defense

Chemical spills and the release of toxic vapors or certain types of dust into the community can result in toxic tort lawsuits where plaintiffs claim lifelong and expensive health problems. The facts in these cases can be confusing, and, if multiple companies are involved, the question of potential liability becomes complicated.

An experienced Clarksburg-based toxic tort attorney from Varner & Van Volkenburg can sort through the details of your case, apply the relevant laws and regulations, and provide strategic recommendations and defense under your specific circumstances. We’ll also discuss effective risk management and preventative actions your company can take now to reduce the possibility of future claims and minimize your current exposure.

Client-Centered Toxic Tort Litigation

Facing a toxic tort lawsuit is a stressful experience. A WV toxic tort defense attorney from Varner & Van Volkenburg will work diligently with you to ensure you are fully informed every step of the way. We strive to listen, respond promptly, and efficiently manage your litigation costs while meeting your specific goals.

Each WV toxic tort defendant is unique and deserves a lawyer with sound legal knowledge combined with a creative litigation strategy. Depending on your possible risk exposure, the number of parties involved, the severity of the alleged acts and injuries, and your budgetary concerns, we promise to provide the best legal alternatives to resolve your situation.

The attorneys at Varner & Van Volkenburg, PLLC rank among the top WV toxic tort defense attorneys and we are proud to represent companies in all types of environmental liability claims in WV. If you need a legal team with experience and tenacity, call us at (304) 918-2840 or email Deb Varner or Jeff Van Volkenburg at and, respectively. 

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