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West Virginia (WV) construction laws govern legal issues that can arise during a building project. Construction projects often involve multiple players, and each company may have different goals and agendas that can lead to conflicts. When disputes arise, you can count on the WV construction litigation lawyers at Varner & Van Volkenburg, PLLC to protect your business.

Attorneys Debra T. Varner and Jeff Van Volkenburg have years of legal knowledge and experience in construction dispute litigation in WV. Their team can assess your situation, explain the relevant laws, and help resolve your case as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. We know you have deadlines, and our team will work hard to keep your project running smoothly.  We also have significant experience working with bonding companies and understanding the important considerations at play when a bond issue arises in the context of a construction dispute.

Help from Trustworthy WV Construction Litigation Lawyers

We understand how West Virginia local ordinances, regulations, and building codes impact construction projects and how disputes can arise during each phase of a job. From initial negotiations and contract creation to on-site disputes and disbursements and closings, our WV construction litigation lawyers help your company navigate a variety of legal situations.

Whether your primary goal is to keep the project moving toward completion regardless of controversy or, if you must stop work, to resolve a dispute through the legal system, we respect your needs and strive to avoid delays and additional costs that could affect your business and its bottom line. Our mission is to provide the most reasonable resolution possible under your specific circumstances.

Our WV Construction Litigation Lawyers Handle Many Disputes

The construction litigation team at Varner & Van Volkenburg can assist your company with the following types of construction disputes:

  • Risk assessment from contract negotiation through final payment;
  • Breach of contract;
  • Engineering disputes;
  • Mechanic’s lien issues;
  • Construction liens;
  • Performance bond and payment bond disputes;
  • Title resolution;
  • Arbitration clauses;
  • Time and cost overages;
  • Professional negligence claims;
  • Collection disputes;
  • Pre-litigation considerations; and
  • Other construction-related controversies.

Together we will form a litigation strategy that meets your company’s objectives. And we’ll help you make an informed decision about whether mediation, arbitration, or full trial litigation best suits your needs and budget.

Experience in Construction Litigation throughout West Virginia

Construction activities can fall under a variety of legal rules and regulations including federal, state, and local laws. Your company may need to comply with workplace safety rules under OSHA, federal and state hiring and employment laws, state environmental regulations, or local zoning rules. In addition to helping in all of these areas, we also help national companies looking for local counsel for construction disputes in in WV.

Our construction litigation team represents builders, architects, contractors, and subcontractors as well as engineers and insurance companies in a range of projects and disputes. No case is too large or too small.

Does Your Construction Business Need Legal Protection?

It’s never too early to consult with experienced counsel regarding construction matters. Consult with a Clarksburg construction litigation lawyer from Varner & Van Volkenburg to protect your business and your project’s success before it’s too late.

We are proud to represent clients in both public and private sectors, in state and federal court, as plaintiff in disputes between contractor and subcontractor or as defendant. Our firm also offers appellate litigation, insurance litigation, and commercial litigation services to complement your construction litigation needs.

Varner & Van Volkenburg, PLLC ranks among the top WV construction litigation lawyers and we represent professional companies in all types of construction disputes. When your business needs a legal team with experience and tenacity, call us at (304) 918-2840 or complete our simple contact form to schedule an appointment to learn how we can help.

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