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Commercial litigation between business entities involves high-stakes interests that may affect the future viability of your company operations. If your business is facing a commercial dispute, you can count on the WV commercial litigation attorneys at Varner & Van Volkenburg, PLLC to protect you.

Attorneys Debra T. Varner, Jeff Van Volkenburg and James A. Varner, Sr. have a proud history of representing West Virginia (WV) businesses in banking, coal, and natural gas industries, professional companies, and other entities that work in the Mountain State. Our team has successfully resolved many types of business disputes in WV through negotiation, arbitration, or litigation.

WV Commercial Litigation Attorneys With a Plan

Using careful planning and legal insight, we partner with our clients during contract negotiations to proactively avoid unnecessary future litigation. However, if a dispute arises, our WV commercial litigation attorneys also have extensive experience navigating the arbitration process before incurring the time and expense required for a full-blown trial.

If litigation is required, we aggressively prosecute our clients’ lawsuits with a detailed strategy based on our client’s business goals, resources, and needs. Our team has filed lawsuits to resolve business contract disputes and defended many different business clients in all West Virginia state and federal district courts.

Image of courthouse steps, representing how the WV insurance defense lawyers at Varner & Van Volkenburg, PLLC provide tenacious, client-focused defense for insurance clients.

The West Virginia Code sets forth the legal rules related to WV business disputes in the West Virginia Uniform Commercial Code. From sales and leases to negotiable instruments and secured transactions, we are familiar with a wide variety of potential business disputes in WV and the laws that affect each scenario.

Providing Detailed Knowledge of WV Commercial Laws

With our experience in the West Virginia Business Court Division, our team remains at the forefront of attorneys handling commercial law cases in the state. We are proud to say we successfully presented the first trial ever brought in the WV Business Court. We approach each business dispute with an emphasis on providing our business clients the most cost-effective and efficient case resolution possible.

Do You Need a Commercial Litigation Attorney in West Virginia?

Your company may require experienced commercial legal advice in a variety of situations. The commercial litigation team at Varner & Van Volkenburg can assist your company with the following types of business disputes:

  • Breach of contract disputes;
  • Insurance coverage and declaratory judgment actions;
  • Bad faith insurance claims;
  • Professional malpractice claims including legal, medical, accounting, and architecture professionals;
  • Insurance defense;
  • Non-compete agreement litigation;
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes; and
  • Construction defect claims.

We work with you to create a legal strategy that meets your company’s objectives and helps you decide if mediation, arbitration, or a full trial best suits your needs and budget.

When Should You Seek Commercial Legal Advice?

It’s never too early to consult with a WV commercial litigation lawyer. Importantly, as you engage in initial contract negotiations, our advice may help resolve potential problems before they arise.

And when a dispute does arise, you can count on the team at Varner & Van Volkenburg to dive right in to protect your company and resolve matters as quickly as possible. We also offer appellate litigation services if your case goes beyond the trial court level. Don’t wait to engage legal representation until it’s too late; contact us today to protect your company’s future.

The attorneys at Varner & Van Volkenburg, PLLC rank among the top WV commercial litigation attorneys, and we are proud to represent WV businesses in all types of commercial disputes. When your business needs a legal team with experience and tenacity, call us at (304) 918-2840 or complete our simple contact form to schedule an appointment to learn how we can help.

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